Classic Editor - Adding Questions

  1. In the Course Editor, click Add, then Add a Question. Be very careful when entering your answers as you will not be able to modify or delete them later. 

  2. In the menu that opens, first enter your question. 

  3. Next, chose the question type from the dropdown menu. 

    There are six options:

  4. Next, set the weight of the question. 

  5. Click Next to continue. 

  6. On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter the answers for the question. Enter your values, set the score, then click Add. Clicking an X will delete that answer. 

    Note: If you have chosen a text response, you will see a notice that these types of questions must be manually evaluated by an instructor. 

  7. Click Next when you are done, or click Previous to modify the question, type, and/or weight. 

  8. After clicking Next, click the location on the page where you want the question to appear. 

  9. Your question is complete. 

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