Classic Editor - Font and Text Options

Various font and text options are found under Font Family and Font Sizes menus, as well as by clicking Text color and Background color. Text can be formatted by using the mouse to select text, and then clicking any of the font and text options.

  • Font Family: Clicking the Font Family menu will open a list of available fonts to use on the page.

  • Font Sizes: Clicking the Font Sizes menu will open a list of available font sizes for your text.

  • Text color: Clicking the Text color button will apply the selected color to the selected text. To select a color, click thedown arrow next to the icon, and chose a color. Alternatively, “Custom could be clicked from this menu to open an RGB pallet with sliders and number inputs, to create a custom color.

  • Background color: Clicking Background color will apply the selected color to the selected text as a background. Colors can be selected the same was as with text colors (see above).

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