Exporting Content

Courses in the LMS can be exported in a few different file formats:

Full, static package

This is a SCORM1.2-compliant package that allows you to export a course to be used in a different LMS system.


This allows you to export a file to be used in a different LMS system, but allows you to edit the course using znanja’s editing tools while still using a different LMS to manage students.

Connector files can be exported as either Multi-SCO or Single-SCO. Some LMS systems require one format or the other. Be sure to verify which type of connector is needed for an LMS system.

Our SCORM packages are compatible with SCORM1.2


Courses can also be exported as an ePub file, which is an e-book file type that can be used with electronic devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Note that this feature must first be enabled by Velsoft.

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