Convert - Word Document Tips

The document’s table of contents and headings will be used to break up the course.

Heading Styles

For best results, make sure to use appropriate heading styles throughout the document. Remember that znanja will begin a new eLearning page everywhere a heading is found.

Adding Textboxes for Student Responses

Text response questions can be easily made by inserting a 1x1 table to the document, which the znanja converter will turn into a text box for a student to type their response in the course. If a paragraph directly precedes the table, the converter will assume the text is the question being asked. Any border and width formatting applied to the table in your Word document will also be applied to the text response box in your course.

Supported Content

Here is a list of content that the znanja converter recognizes. Any features not listed may or may not be converted. If znanja is unable to convert content, it will be ignored.

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
    • Borders
    • Text alignment (left, center, right, justified)
  • Formatting
    • Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough
    • Font colour
  • Lists
    • Bullets
    • Numbered lists
    • Nested lists
  • Images
  • Tables
    • Borders
    • Table and cell widths
    • Cells spanning multiple columns
  • Symbols
    • Wingding symbols
    • Unicode symbols

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