Modifying User Profiles and the Manage Users Page


  1. To edit a user’s profile (including their contact details, password, enrollments, and level of access), navigate to your user list by clicking Users on the sidebar and clicking Manage Users.

  2. On this page, you can see all your users. Notice your seat count in the top right corner. This shows you how many more users can be created in your current account.

  3. To edit a user, click on their name.

  4. There are four tabs that contain user settings. More information about each tab is found below.

  • Profile Tab - This tab contains profile information for the user.
  • Membership Tab - this tab allows you to see the level of access that the user has for each organization.
  • Enrollments Tab -  Under the Enrollments tab we can view the list of courses that a user can access and adjust which courses a user can or cannot access.
  • Roles and Authorization Tab - The Roles and Authorization tab allows you to grant higher levels of access to a user (making them an administrator, for example).

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