Workflows are a method by which you can set up triggers and actions in the system. A common use for this tool is defining learning paths for learners. To access this tool, click on Workflows under the Settings menu.

  1. To create a new workflow, click on the button Create new workflow. To edit an existing workflow, click on the dropdown beside the workflow name and choose edit.

  2. Type in the name of your new workflow and then choose Create a new workflow.

  3. When you create the new workflow, the system will direct you into it immediately. If you are editing an existing workflow, you will need to choose to edit this workflow from the dropdown beside the workflow name on the main workflow page. Workflows have a series of Actions and Triggers that can respond to certain parameters in the LMS.

  4. You can drag and drop the items into order. Make sure to move the toggle to ON when you are done creating it.

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