Vouchers are one-time-use codes that, when given to a learner, can be used to create a new account and/or be redeemed for certain courses that you designate.

  1. To create a new voucher pack, type a name into the box and click Create.

  2. To edit your voucher pack, click on Edit beside the voucher pack name.

  3. We are now editing the voucher pack we just created. To create vouchers in your voucher pack; fill out all the fields on the right-hand side of the screen.

    There are fields for:

    • Number of vouchers to create
    • The date on which the vouchers expire (when they must be redeemed by)
    • How many digits long the codes will be
    • A prefix for the codes
    • The number of courses each code is eligible to redeem for

  4. When you’re finished filling out the fields, click on Add codes.
  5. The codes will generate and be displayed for you on the page. You can see each voucher code, when it expires, how many courses it is worth, whether it has been redeemed, and a toggle for whether it is active.

  6. Before the codes can be used for any courses – you need to designate which courses are eligible for redemption inside of this voucher pack. To do this, click on the Courses tab.

  7. Choose +Add a course and select from your list of available courses.

  8. Once courses have been added, you can now provide the redeem link to any users you provide with a voucher. This link is found near the bottom of the page.

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